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The Four Ways of Divorce, by Rachel Virk

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Chapter 1. I’m Heading for a Divorce – What Should I Do, Where Do I Start? Partial excerpt
Chapter 2. Litigation, Negotiation, Collaboration and Mediation – Should I Work it Out, or Fight it Out?
Chapter 3. How Do I Choose a Divorce Lawyer for Litigation or for Negotiation?
Chapter 4. Adversarial Settlement
Chapter 5. How Do I Choose a Family Law Mediator?
Chapter 6. How Do I Choose a Collaborative Divorce Attorney?
Chapter 7. Do I Need Other Professionals to Advise Me during the Divorce Process?
Chapter 8. What Exactly has to be Resolved?
Chapter 9. How Much Law Do I Need to Know?
Chapter 10. Tax Considerations
Chapter 11. Considerations Involving Military Servicemembers
Chapter 12. What about the Children?
Chapter 13. What is a Settlement Agreement?
Chapter 14. What Happens if We Go to Court?
Appendix 1. Comparison Chart of Litigation, Negotiation, Collaboration and Mediation
Appendix 2. Financial Worksheet Forms
Appendix 3. Informative Mediation – A New Model for Tough Economic Times
Appendix 4. General List of Topics to be Resolved