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Congratulations to Virginia Certified Mediator Rachel L. Virk on the Publication of Her Book. Rachel encourages the reader that life will get better down the road. -- Resolutions, Supreme Court of Virginia

This is not a dry book – Rachel takes a difficult topic and informs in an interesting way.  

Written for the public from one on the inside who isn’t afraid to criticize her profession.

In reading the book I felt like Rachel totally understands what I am going through.  Her words offered a lot of encouragement and helped me to focus on what is important.

If you feel lost and don’t know where to start, this book helps you to figure out what to do.

Packed with information in bite sizes – sort of like a buffet.  In the long chapter about all the legal specifics, you can look just at what you need to.

Told me everything I needed to ask my lawyer about.  Some of which I don’t think he wanted me to know!

Detailed where it needs to be, but also gave me a great overall understanding of the big picture of what I am facing.

This book will be my guide as I go through the whole divorce process.  I know I will be looking at it a lot.

The chart of options, the financial worksheets, and especially the List of Topics helped me and my wife understand everything we needed to talk about and work out.

This book has saved me so much money and aggravation!  I would have done all the wrong things if I hadn’t read this first and planned out just what to do.

What a help to me!  There isn’t any other book about divorce out there that explains everything so well.

I’m glad I read this and learned what I did.  I just hope my husband doesn’t read it too!